This Agreement is between you, hereinafter referred to as “Customer,” and Vilcom Networks Limited, hereinafter referred to as “VILCOM FIBER” and sets forth the terms and conditions under which you agree to use and we agree to provide Service.


This Service allows all new and existing Vilcom Home Fibre and business customers to subscribe for their preferred internet package. However, Vilcom Networks has certain guidelines and rules that must be enforced for the benefit of both Vilcom customers and all other Internet service providers. Vilcom therefore requires customer to adhere to the guidelines and terms and conditions set forth.

Use of services

Customer acknowledges he/she is eighteen (18) years of age or older and that Customer has the legal authority to enter into this Agreement. Customer agrees promptly to notify Vilcom Networks whenever Customer’s personal or billing information changes.

Customer is responsible for all use of Service and Customer’s account whether by Customer or someone using Customer’s account with or without Customer’s permission, including all secondary or sub-accounts associated with Customer’s primary account, and to pay for all activity associated with Customer’s account. Customer agrees to use the Service for lawful purposes, in compliance with all applicable laws.

Service is provided for use in conformance with these Terms of Service. Vilcom Networks reserves the right to investigate suspected violations of the Terms of Service. When Vilcom becomes aware of possible violations, Vilcom may initiate investigation which may include gathering information from Customer or customers involved and the complaining party, if any, and examination of material on Vilcom’s servers.

During an investigation, Vilcom Networks may suspend the account or accounts involved and/or remove the material involved from its servers. If Vilcom Networks believes a violation of these Terms of Service has occurred, it may take responsive action at its sole discretion. Such action may include, but is not limited to, temporary or permanent removal of material from Vilcom’s servers, warnings to Customer or customers responsible, and the suspension or termination of the account or accounts responsible.

Vilcom Networks, at its sole discretion, will determine what action will be taken in response to a violation on a case-by-case basis. Violations of these Terms of Service could also subject the Customer to criminal or civil liability.

The Service 

This Service allows all new and existing Vilcom Home and Business Fibre customers to subscribe for their preferred internet package.


This Service is open to all new and existing customers who sign up for the Vilcom Home Fibre ready areas (Fibre Zones).