All Vilcom Equipment belongs to us, other third parties will not be deemed fixtures or in any way part of the Premises. Vilcom Equipment includes all new or reconditioned equipment installed, provided or leased to you by us or our agents, including but not limited to, cabling and related electronic devices, cable modems, wireless gateway/routers, any other hardware and all software or “downloads” to Vilcom Equipment. You agree to use Vilcom Equipment only for the Services pursuant to this Agreement. We may remove or change the Vilcom Equipment at our discretion at any time the Services are active or following the termination of your Service(s). You agree to allow us access to the Premises for these purposes. You may not sell, lease, abandon or give away the Vilcom Equipment, or permit any other provider of video, high speed data or telephone services to use the Vilcom Equipment. The Vilcom Equipment may only be used in the Premises.

Other terms.

Customer agrees that at the end of the term of the account initially agreed to by Customer or any term thereafter, Vilcom may, at its sole discretion, automatically renew such account for an additional term. Customer further agrees that upon renewal of such account, Vilcom may continue to charge Customer’s credit card, checking account, or seek other form of payment from Customer, for which Customer shall be responsible. In the event that Customer does not wish Vilcom to automatically renew such account, it is Customer’s sole responsibility to notify Vilcom of such intent prior to the expiration of such term.

NOTE: Client sites are not restricted within Vilcom range or reach. All services rendered by Vilcom which includes installation is FREE the client is not to pay. In case a client may relocate he/ she should advise Vilcom Networks Limited so as to attain its property back. Clients are not allowed to log into their router for security purposes. Moreover, Vilcom does not restrict speed and usage of the internet by the client.